Valperga Palace was bought in 1780 by Carlo Francesco Valperga di Masino and belonged since then to the Valperga stock. Carlo Francesco Valperga, as vice-roy of the Kingdom of Sardinia, bought the palace from Count of Broglia - a noble of the Piedmontese town of Chieri - before leaving Piedmont to become the future high successful Duke of Broglie and peer of France.

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Looking at the picture, sitting as the second one in the left, is Carlo Francesco Valperga di Masino, the future vice king of the Kingdom of Sardinia, together with his two sisters, Isabella, in the left and Aglae, last one in the right, holding a pretty flower in her hand. Tommaso, the remaining brother, next to her and to Carlo Francesco, is holding a green parrot and raises his skirt to indicate his masculine identity. Tommaso a future very learned scholar and Abbot, who taught Oriental Languages at the Turin University, and other topics at the Accademy of the Sciences. The nearly contemporary philosopher of Rovereto, Abbott Antonio Rosmini, in his "Notes on the Philosophical Principles of the Mathematics by Tommaso Valperga-Caluso" appreciated him much. The Valperga family social and cultural life, remembers and reckons - among others - musician and composer Gioacchino Rossini who plays the ouverture of the "Guglielmo Tell" preview at Masino Castle.