"Salotto Valperga" is created to honour and remember the late Count Luigi Valperga di Masino e di Caluso, born in Turin on November 27th, 1930 and passed away in Rovereto, in February 10th, 2002, as a scholar of music - so he was named by the daily "La Stampa", on October 3rd, 2008 - an admirer and a follower of the great music and of the great composer of any time, being himself an author of some books about Mozart, Wagner and Gluck, captured his whole attention. Furthermore, Conte Valperga as an impressive collector of musical items, such as autographs, books, records, dvd, cassettes and videos, theatre programmes and more, is also remembered in the Civic Library Gerolamo Tartarotti, in Rovereto, as a donator of his whole large music collection.

The "Musical October at Valperga Palace: four concerts for six talents" began such musical remembrance of Count Luigi Valperga di Masino in 2008. Some concerts took places in the following four editions, of 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 whose concerts were all registerred and put  in the web   in the section "Events", except those in 2012 owing to some technical impediments.   " Musical October" changes and grows richer with a new contest, in 2013, by the new  1º International Competition Luigi Valperga di Masino for the performance of MOZART concertos for piano and orchestra and violin and orchestra which will take place at the Musical Town Library Andrea della Corte, Corso Francia 186, Turin, where young talented musicians, all born after 31st December 1994 will be evaluated, discoverred and enhanced. Every information in the menu at Mozart Competition.

The monumental rooms opened to some artistic and, or, to some events of public relations, lay on some two, three hundreds square meters and are fit, as said, for some events. The area is divided into two rooms namely a wide entrance main room with some huge eight walnut-woodden doors and a marble floor, made of some black and white squares. The ceeling is very impressive owing to the outstanding marquis' coat of arms painted on it, which also magnifies the House of Valperga motto: "Tutius quo altius" (Whatever is the best), as well as the shout of arms: "Ferme-Toy", meaning in ancient French: halt-you! outcried to a Valperga by his House of Savoy's ennemy, who was about to be put to the sword by him. There is also a hemp tree, the emblem of Canavese area, which means the agricultural and feudal territorial property of such a warrior Family descendant of the ancient Arduino, marquis of Ivrea, who became the first King of Italy, crowned in Pavia, in about 1002 A.D.

Next to the wide entrance room is the so called "Sala Verde", green room. There, a remarkable woodden floor matches some tapestries on the green and beige walls. They represent the hunt and the fishing seasons of the Valperga, as well as the season of Spring (Flora) and Summer, presented like two women, the former with flowers, the latter with apples and grapes. Moreover, above the four corners of the room, the four lovely heads of the same woman, sculptured in grey material, seem to look down to assure and certify to everybody that the acoustics of the room, is p-e-r-f-e-c-t for the great satisfaction and delight, either of the performer, either of the audience. In fact no electrical "stratagem" is needed to amplify the sound of either the musical instruments or the voice either of singers or of speakers.

Those who are interested in locating these two spaces, i.e. the "Main Entrance Room" or the "Green Room", have to do it, very much in advance.